Our Technology

SoundFlux device resembles a common smart speaker and can be placed anywhere at home. Our AI is trained from simulated human falls along with millions of open source sounds, to provide effective, low-cost, unintrusive, and privacy-sensitive peace of mind for the elderly and their loved ones.

Fall Detection

Get real-time alerts on suspected fall events. Customize who gets notified and when.

Inactivity Alert

Monitor a variety of common domestic activities and get alerts when there are unusual patterns.

EMS Integration

Notifications can be automatically routed to 911 dispatchers and first responders.

Privacy Protection

SoundFlux's AI runs directly on the device. No sensitive data is ever shared or sent from your device.

Use at home, or at your senior care facility

  1. >Plug and PlayCreate an account, register your device and setup custom notifications.
  2. >Manage multiple devices If you operate a senior care or independent living facility, you can deploy as many devices as you want and manage them via our enterprise-ready platform.

About SoundFlux

SoundFlux was developed as as a research project by UC Berkeley graduate students, motivated by the lack of innovation in the elder care space. The team went on to win the prestigious Hal R. Varian Award and has since refined and the technology for commercial use through 2020.

SoundFlux is scheduled to be available to consumers in 2021.